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Comprehensive Drilling And Boring Services

Whether it's directional boring or hydrovac excavation, trust the skilled operators at Sureshot Directional Boring, Inc. to install your underground utilities.  Call us today to get a FREE estimate on our services.
Our Drilling Services

Full-Scale Hydro Excavating Services

Our skilled crew uses the latest equipment to drill pole holes, trenches, and spot utilities. We have 6 full scale hydro vac trucks and one trailer mounted truck. We provide excellent hydro excavation services at affordable prices. Our business is fully insured.

Why Choose Us

Are you looking for highly-trained and efficient operators to handle your company's drilling project? Look no further; we're here to help you. 

At Sureshot Directional Boring Inc, we'll ensure that your project is handled skillfully, safely, and efficiently. We'll even ensure to complete the job on time and to stay within your budget.
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